Volunteer head shot

Penny Salmon


When I retired as a healthcare professional, I wanted to give some of my spare time to a charity allied to my work and decided to become a volunteer with Bobath, to help improve the lives of children in Wales who have cerebral palsy. After assisting at a few events and talking to parents of children attending the Bobath Centre, I knew I was supporting a worthwhile cause and it gives me pleasure to see the progress that children make as a result of receiving therapy.

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Photograph of baby looking up at camera.

Noah's story

Leah, Noah's mum

After our first therapy session, I left Cerebral Palsy Cymru’s children’s centre with something nobody had previously dared give me for my little boy. I left with hope.

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Photograph of baby boy lying on his front, looking up at the camera.

Ben's story

Alison, Ben's mum

We left that initial therapy session on an absolute high and haven’t looked back since!

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Photograph of teenage girl sitting in wheelchair, smiling up at camera.

Charlotte's blog

Independent Living Skills 2021

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I have just turned 15. I have recently taken part in Cerebral Palsy Cymru's 'Independent Living Skills Programme' and I would love to share my experience of the project with you. 

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Photograph of a young girl at the bottom of a slide, smiling up at the camera whilst being supported by her mother.

Cora's story

Family story

From that day we feel we have been part of the Cerebral Palsy Cymru family, and we have not looked back.

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a girl in a park with her mum

Aoife's Story

Family story

Having virtual sessions opened up a new avenue of skill-building for Aoife

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Clara With Mum Sera Jane

Clara’s story

Family Story

When we completed our first baby block of 6 weeks of therapy at Cerebral Palsy Cymru’s therapy centre it was a life-changer. We are truly grateful to have found such help and guidance amongst the darkness, we can now look forward to the future, thanks to Cerebral Palsy Cymru.

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Sienna’s story

Family Story

The early intervention programme, has been such a comfort to us as we were doing something positive from pretty much day one for Sienna. The support and comfort that Cerebral Palsy Cymru provides means that the therapy doesn’t just stop with the child who receives it, the whole family benefits.

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Ffion at sports court

Ffion’s story

Family Story

Each visit to Cerebral Palsy Cymru’s therapy centre in Cardiff meant a 130-mile round trip to get to the centre but it was well worth it. The sessions were a great tool and taught us how to help Ffion and how to continue with her physiotherapy at home.

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Aman’s story

Family Story

We feel so lucky that Aman was included in Cerebral Palsy Cymru’s early intervention programme. It has truly been an all-round positive experience for us and Aman, and it has given us all real hope for the future.

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Verity With Mum And Dad

Verity’s story

Family Story

The team has been truly amazing and really supportive to us as a family at a really difficult time in our lives. The physiotherapist has worked with us to provide Verity with the right positioning and handling to help her achieve the milestones we all expect our children to reach.

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Arabella With Therapist

Arabella’s story

Family Story

The impact that Cerebral Palsy Cymru has had on our lives has been huge! With every block of therapy, Arabella’s development has progressed greatly. Without Cerebral Palsy Cymru, I really don’t think Arabella would be where she is to date - we can’t thank them enough.

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Chester's story

Richard and Charlotte, Chester's parents

A lot of parents who have premature babies are worried about what the future may hold, and like us they simply want to give their child the best possible help and support.

‘Better Start, Better Future’ just does that – it gives parents the help and support they need to give their babies the best possible start in life.

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A baby sat on a therapy mat playing with a red plastic bowl

Evan's story

Lauren, Evan's mum

‘Better Start, Better Future’ has made a huge difference to our family. Because the outputs of the early intervention therapy are positive, there is then a positive knock-on effect to our family. We are so proud of what Evan has achieved, and we know this is thanks to Cerebral Palsy Cymru. 

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