Verity’s story

Verity With Mum And Dad

Verity’s story

Verity was born on term but unfortunately, she was starved of oxygen on delivery.

This resulted in her having to be cooled for 72 hours and spending her first month of life in 3 different hospitals before we finally got to bring her home. Verity was diagnosed with HIE grade 3 severe and her MRI showed damage to the central part of her brain that affects speech, movement and the gag/swallow reflex.

The doctors have told us she has cerebral palsy and to what extent this will affect her, only time will tell. Verity has been fortunate enough to be referred to Cerebral Palsy Cymru for additional physiotherapy, which has been invaluable to her development so far.

The team has been truly amazing and really supportive to us as a family at a really difficult time in our lives. The physiotherapist has worked with us to provide Verity with the right positioning and handling to help her achieve the milestones we all expect our children to reach.

With every session we attend, we learn so much and we all see an improvement in Verity.

Without this service, I fear we would not get the guidance needed to support Verity so that she can reach her potential. For that, we are truly grateful to Cerebral Palsy Cymru and the work they do.

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