Reeva's story

Before accessing Cerebral Palsy Cymru’s specialist therapy services, life felt extremely lonely and full of so much fear for the future. We had no support at all, and I felt like I had to fight at every avenue to be listened to.

Thanks to Cerebral Palsy Cymru's specialist early intervention service ‘Better Start, Better Future’, Reeva and our family have been given many different options of physiotherapy exercises, speech and language and occupational therapy advice. This has been crucial in helping Reeva to develop and reach her potential.

Glenys, the charity's Family Support Coordinator, has also helped me and our family so much. She was the first person to show me real care and compassion and make me realise that life can still go on and we can all be happy, despite Reeva’s challenges.

The fact that Glenys could relate through her own experiences was so important to us as a family.

She always spent time talking to me and comforting me and during the darkest days of my life it is something that I will never forget. Additionally, knowing that I was being proactive in getting Reeva amazing therapy also helped us to know we were doing the very best for her.  

Discovering that your child has disabilities of this magnitude is completely devastating. Every family needs and deserves the most appropriate services and provisions that will lessen the burden on their child. Families like ours who desperately want to divert all of their time and energy into support and caring for their child, rather than fighting for the most appropriate services.   

At our latest paediatrician appointment, Reeva was described as ‘thriving’, despite her profound physical disability, and I strongly believe that that is, in part, due to the support Reeva has received through ’Better Start, Better Future.’  

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