Family-centred services

We aim to make our service family centred

We are a centre founded by families for families, therefore as an organisation we aim to keep families at the heart of everything we do. Family-centred service is also a researched philosophy of service provision that we aim to follow. Being family centred has been shown to reduce families' stress and improve outcomes for children.

Family Concerns Model, Forbes and Carroll 2018 adapted from Carroll Forbes and Parkinson 2014

“Family-centred service (FCS) is a philosophy, and an approach to service provision, that aims to deliver services to children with special needs while focusing on the priorities of the entire family. It is an evidence-based approach to practice that has been tried and approved by countless families. FCS recognizes that: (i) each family is unique; (ii) the family is a constant presence in the child’s life; and (iii) parents are the experts on the child’s abilities and needs. This creates an environment where the centre of attention is directed toward the individual strengths and needs of each unique family.

Specifically, FCS is based on three main pillars:

  1. Parents know their children best, and want the best for them, so each family should have the ultimate responsibility and decision-making for the care of their children. This means that the healthcare provider should:

    • Inform and advise parents in their decision-making to help them identify their needs and priorities
    • Collaborate with parents at all levels (care of the individual child, implementation and evaluation of programs, and formation of larger scale policies)
    • Provide accessible services and share complete information on an ongoing basis

  2. Each family is different and unique, so they should be treated with respect and understanding as individuals. This means that the healthcare provider should:

    • Listen and respect the values and wishes of families and support their decisions
    • Be flexible in providing individualised services when needed
    • Be aware of and accept diversity in families (racial, ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic)

  3. A supportive family and community are needed for optimal child functioning, so the wellbeing and involvement of all family members should be considered. This means that the healthcare provider should:
    • Provide an environment where participation of all family members is welcomed
    • Encourage family-to-family and community help to create support structures
    • Recognise and build on strengths of the family and children

By following the elements of these pillars, healthcare providers can build a meaningful long-term relationship with families. This allows families to:

  • Receive appropriate information to be the ultimate decision-maker for their issues
  • Have their needs and concerns considered while feeling supported by the system
  • Create solutions that use their own resources and most effectively address their issues”

(Extract from IAACD Knowledge Hub)

We know we don’t always get this right but it is how we aim to work. Please let us know if you see ways we could improve our Family-centred service, by emailing our Centre Director, Jenny Carroll at

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Clara With Mum Sera Jane

Clara’s story

When we completed our first baby block of 6 weeks of therapy at Cerebral Palsy Cymru’s therapy centre it was a life-changer. We are truly grateful to have found such help and guidance amongst the darkness, we can now look forward to the future, thanks to Cerebral Palsy Cymru.

- Family Story

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Volunteer with home made cake sale

Pam Perry

I started to Bake for Bobath in 2014 as a fun way of saying thank you to Bobath for the amazing therapy they have given my granddaughter.

Held at home, a small gathering of friends with plenty of cake and coffee plus donations, £97.00, not bad I thought. Still held at home it is an annual event on m…

- Volunteer Fundraiser

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Sienna’s story

The early intervention programme, has been such a comfort to us as we were doing something positive from pretty much day one for Sienna. The support and comfort that Cerebral Palsy Cymru provides means that the therapy doesn’t just stop with the child who receives it, the whole family benefits.

- Family Story

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Volunteer head shot

Fred Soper

Bobath to me means I can give something back to my community. I was a customer at Crwys road and liked the atmosphere that the manager created. The volunteers are happy and the manager is kind-hearted and good with everyone so when I got the opportunity to volunteer my first choice was Bobath.

I esp…

- Volunteer

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Ffion’s story

Each visit to Cerebral Palsy Cymru’s therapy centre in Cardiff meant a 130-mile round trip to get to the centre but it was well worth it. The sessions were a great tool and taught us how to help Ffion and how to continue with her physiotherapy at home.

- Family Story

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