Slater & Gordon UK partnership to fund our Initial Consultation Service until March 2021

July 02 2020

Cerebral Palsy Cymru are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Slater & Gordon UK.

The Law Firm, who have supported Cerebral Palsy Cymru for a number of years, have recently made a significant commitment to the charity to fund their Initial Consultation Service until March 2021. This level of support will mean that as a charity, we will be able to deliver our essential Initial Consultation Service to approximately 40 babies over the next year who have, or are suspected of having, cerebral palsy. 

International research shows that it is vital that babies are able to access treatment and support as soon as possible, as it will make a significant difference to their outcomes in life. Our Initial Consultations provide families, who are referred to us (either via self-referral or from community therapists in the NHS), with a time of discussion, therapy and assessment with a senior therapist and our Family Support Coordinator, Glenys. This Consultation acts as a gateway to our early intervention service, Better Start, Better Future, which provides regular intervals of specialist therapy up to the age of 2 ½. (This service has been modified slightly since we have started to provide it virtually).

Since lockdown began, we have received 11 new baby referrals and many of the children on our current caseload are highly vulnerable. Out of the families that we have contacted so far, 83% have asked for additional contact and further support to help them support their children during what has been the most challenging of times.  

“It has been a pleasure to build a relationship with Yvonne Agnew, Julia Reynolds and their team in the firm over the past few years” says Rachel Morgan, Head of Income Generation at Cerebral Palsy Cymru. “In becoming the primary sponsor of our Initial Consultation Service, Slater and Gordon are helping to provide a vital service and invaluable support to many babies and children living with cerebral palsy from across Wales. Right now, more than ever, funding like this is invaluable to making our services possible. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Slater and Gordon for allowing us to continue providing this life-changing service to babies from across Wales, ensuring that these children get the best possible start in life.”

Yvonne Agnew, Head of Clinical Negligence at Slater & Gordons Cardiff Office, is also thrilled that Slater & Gordon will be able to support Cerebral Palsy Cymru moving forward. 

We could not be more delighted to be able to support such a truly inspirational charity particularly during these difficult times. I have long been privileged to be able to provide legal advice and support to families who want the very best care and opportunities for their children and this has enabled me to see first-hand just how important a role Cerebral Palsy Cymru plays in ensuring that every child who is fortunate enough to access their excellent support has the best possible start in life.

The impact of our Initial Consultation Service is often best described by the families who are part of it…

Elodie first came to Cerebral Palsy Cymru for an Initial Consultation in April 2018 when she was 10 months old. She has since received regular therapy from our early intervention service, Better Start, Better Future at the centre. Elodie’s mum Sarah says:

Nearly three years ago the unthinkable happened. Our baby girl at just a few days old started to have back to back seizures. After a rushed trip to A&E and so many tests later we got the crushing news that our daughter had had a stroke - a day that still haunts me. After we left intensive-care we were given a prognosis that was pretty hard to swallow. We were told that Elodie had suffered brain-damage and that the damage would affect movement of the right hand side of the body and may have other effects too. We were told to watch and wait to see just how much she would be affected.
Thankfully we found Cerebral Palsy Cymru and over this last year the smallest milestones have been met with tears of joy. She is doing things we didn’t even dream would be possible - crawling, climbing, coasting and is so close to walking.

Early intervention is crucial to help this process. Cerebral Palsy Cymru have given Elodie physiotherapy and occupational therapy - they will also give us speech and language therapy if we need it. They will work with Elodie as she grows up and they make us feel so supported. When we first went to their centre in Cardiff I sat on the floor and cried with relief that they existed. They are unbelievable, and enhance so many little lives.
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