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By making a donation towards our 30th Birthday Appeal, you can help us ensure that every baby referred to us this year gets the best possible start in life.

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Photograph of baby girl putting a therapy toy into her mouth. Therapist on the left is passing the therapy toy to the baby.


a month will help give the best possible start to a baby at risk of having cerebral palsy

Photograph of woman (Glenys) holding out mesh fabric on the floor. One baby is reaching out towards the fabric Glenys is holding, another baby is looking at a different piece of fabric on the floor.


a month will pay for our Family Support Coordinator to spend an hour providing support & advice to the parents of a new baby

Photograph of young girl sitting next to her mother, looking up above the camera.


a month will help fund a specialist therapy session for a child every year, for years to come

Photograph of baby looking towards, and playing with, a toy that a therapist is holding.


Will help us ensure that we can see every new baby that is referred to our services this year

Photograph of baby girl looking up at therapist.


will buy a new therapy bench to help children learning to sit and stand

Photograph of baby boy reaching out towards a therapy toy.


Will pay for one of our specialist therapists to provide an initial assessment call to three families

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